Everly Brothers It's Everly Time / A Date With The Everly Brothers US $ 11.00

The original Warner Bros. recordings finally on CD.


So Sad (To Watch Good - Love Go Bad) - Just In Case - Memories Are Made Of This - That's What You Do To Me - Sleepless Nights - What Kind Of Girl Are You - Oh, True Love - Carol Jane - Some Sweet Day - Nashville Blues - You Thrill Me (Through And Through) - I Want You To Know -

BONUS TRACKS: Ebony Eyes - Walk Right Back - Temptation - Silent Treatment

Made To Love - That's Just Too Much - Stick With Me Baby - Baby What You Want Me To Do - Sigh, Cry, Almost Die - Always It's You - Love Hurts (Version One) - Lucille - So How Come - Donna Donna - A Change Of Heart - Cathy's Clown

BONUS TRACKS: Stick With Me Baby (Alternate Version) - Temptation (Alternate Version) - Why Not?

CDT06290 CDT06290